Frequently Asked Questions

How do families benefit from a pool membership?

Most of our members are neighbors who live near the pool. They value having this entertainment for the kids while paying a fraction of the cost (not to mention liability) of having a pool in their own yard. Our member families’ access to swimming lessons create confident swimmers and lifelong skills that open the door to fun, sports and safety around water. Members also enjoy connecting with neighbors and having a fun place to hang out with their kids in the summer.

Who is a pool stockholder and what are the benefits of being a stockholder?

There are 60 homes close to the pool whose original owners opted in as stockholders when the pool and subdivision were built in 1961. The owners of these homes are the pool stockholders. For a map showing the stockholder homes, click here.

Stockholders pay a lower membership rate as outlined in our bylaws. Stockholders may have an “active” or “inactive” membership. An inactive stockholder is allowed three visits to the pool in a season. Active stockholders have unlimited visits and are able to hold a board position and vote. Stockholders are invited to the annual stockholder meeting.


Stockholders who wish to have an active membership should use the membership registration form. Dues for inactive stockholder memberships can be paid here.

Where is the concussion form?

The concussion form can be downloaded here. A signed concussion form is required for all Swim Team and Swim Lesson participants.

What are the Pool Rules?

The pool rules are available here.

What is the guest policy?

Members are allowed to bring guests to the pool, using our guest passes. Each membership includes 5 free guest passes. Additional guest passes can be purchased for $5 each, or $20 for a sheet of 10 passes. Each guest pass is valid for a single guest on a single day in the pool season indicated on the guest pass.


Members must sign in their guests when they enter the pool, and guests must follow the same rules as our members. You are allowed to bring any one guest a maximum of 5 times in a season; there is no limit to the number of different guests our members can bring.

Do you offer a punch card?

No, we don’t. We rely on the membership fees of our annual members and stockholders to support the costs of the pool. Chemicals, paint, lifeguards, utilities, insurance, and pool equipment are just some of the costs of running a pool. We need these things on a daily basis, not just on the days that people want to swim. The logistics of maintaining a punch card paired with the loss of revenue makes it prohibitive for us to offer this at this time.

How do I apply for a job as a lifeguard?

If you are interested in working for the pool, please contact our Pool Manager Lexi Willison directly at Must be a certified lifeguard and at least 15 years old.

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